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Public Speaking

Every teen has the potential to lead. Leadership requires influence. Our words and actions influence others every day.
A leadership assessment quiz provides teens immediate feedback in the first week; this information is personal and not shared in class. Teens learn to cultivate leadership along side learning how to become an effective public speaker. Their potential, confidence, and personal growth plans arise through this course as they learn to intentionally add value to others through discovering their own unique leadership and public speaking styles. Body gestures, eye contact, vocal variation, handshakes, posture, how to receive and provide feedback, and stage presence are taught through self-evaluation and peer/instructor input. Leadership increases self-worth and self-esteem and this class enriches these personal development areas through a series of impromptu and prepared speeches, classroom exercises, and homework that is for self-assessments.
The last class culminates with a Public Speaking Night open to family and friends as their audience in the EBACC gym.
This event provides the teens a real-life experience before a semi-unfamiliar audience on a large stage. By the 9th week of classes, the teens are transformed into confident leaders and speakers and ready to showcase their skills.

Open to 7th-12th graders. Maximum 12 students. INSTRUCTOR: