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Permaculture Series

Week One: In Depth Permaculture: Ecology: In this lesson on Permaculture, we will look at the ways in which plants, animals, microbes, and people all join together to form a connected and interwoven ecosystem. What roles do each indi-vidual niches play? And how does human management factor into this scheme of things, differing from simple wilderness. We will then look at how all of this forms the very foundation of permaculture itself.

Week Two: In Depth Permaculture: Different Faces of Sustainability: What you want to do, will determine the path you take. In this talk, we will look at the different approaches to permaculture, and how those approaches impact design and management. Whether you want to earn an income, want to be self-sufficient, or are you looking for food producing aesthetics, you will take drastically different measures to ensure your desired outcome. In this talk, we will look at and examine these different approaches.

Week Three: In Depth Permaculture: Resource Management: In this lesson on permaculture, we will be diving in to looking at how we manage the resources available to us. What is proper soil management? What about the impending water crisis of the future? What of energy and minerals and organic matter? Join us in this lesson as we explore the currency of the natural world and how we can properly manage it.

Week Four: In Depth Permaculture: Communities: It is one thing for an individual to pursue permaculture, but what about when permaculture begins to collide with entire communities? How could sustainable agriculture take place in urban areas or in small towns? And what lessons do we learn from permaculture that can apply to how we treat others in our community and across the globe? Join us here in this final lesson of the series as we explore how permanent agriculture translates into permanent culture.